To Chinese Reader

I'm honored and excited to be writing the preface for the Chinese version of Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management. I'm honored because I have tremendous respect for Chinese culture, especially the work culture. China is growing quickly and part of that growth is effective project management.

I'm also excited about this, the Chinese translation of the book. When I wrote the book, I'd seen the ideas work in Western and Middle Eastern cultures. I wasn't so sure about Eastern cultures. And now that I've been consulting, leading workshops, and speaking all over the world, I am sure that the ideas in this book transcend culture, and speak directly to people.

If you are a project manager, you'll find this book will save time and money. If you're a technical lead who's responsible for making a piece of the project work, this book will help you know how to organize your work and accomplish it. And if you're a senior manager, you can use the ideas here to help your project managers consider other options.

I hope you enjoy the book. Xie xie.

Johanna Rothman