Donald E. Knuth (高德纳), 斯坦福大学”计算机程序设计艺术“荣誉退休教授,欢迎来到他主页(中文翻译版)。


  • 你退休了?

  • When is Volume 4 coming out?

  • 你什么时候开始不用Email了?

  • What have you been doing lately?

  • What's your favorite programming language?

  • How do I order copies of your wife's books?

  • How do I order copies of your books?

  • How do I collect for finding errors in your books?

  • 为什么你要奖励发现你书中任何一个错误的人2.56美元?

256美分是16进制下的1美元(0x$1.00 美元 = 0x$100 美分 = $256美分 =$2.56美元),所以奖励的是一种16进制的1美元。支付记录在 San Serriffe 国家银行alt text的一个账户里(最高的支付记录是Udo Wermuth 0x$4c4.d8,即3125.36 美元)。我不能再给获得奖励的人亲自写支票了,具体的原因在这里

  • Who will answer my questions about TeX?

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • How do you pronounce your last name?

  • How do I download .gz files to a Macintosh?

  • How do I download .gz files to a PC?

  • Explain those Chinese characters on your home page.

  • What's the exact citation of your oft-cited comment about bugs?

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