Do you enjoy solving very complex problems with simplest solutions? Are you excited about building large scale distributed systems? Do you enjoy leveraging technology to solve real world problems? Would you like to help us scale with the cloud and leverage latest mobile technologies? We are looking to hire in our Beijing office to work on further improving the space of OPS IT. Our systems cover a wide range of business and technology areas.

Contact Amazon recruiting team, please send your CV to ls7@amazon.com

A successful candidate would demonstrate the following:

• Motivated self-starter who is excited about overcoming hurdles to get things moving in the right direction.

• 5+ years of relevant experience, rich hands-on programming experience in Java, Ruby, C++ and other object-oriented languages and have a deep understanding of object-oriented design.

• Familiarity with Oracle, MySQL, Web Service and SOA

• Familiarity with design concepts such as design patterns and UML are also highly desirable.

• Practical experience with software engineering best-practices is a big advantage. Deep understanding of distributed systems and scalability is highly desirable.

• Strong communication skills. Able to communicate in both verbal and written forms in English.

• Strong ownership.

• The ideal candidate will have implemented at least one large scale enterprise system with experience with databases, Linux, and various messaging technologies.

• Experience translating business requirements into operational systems

• Willingness to work in an agile team development environment, have basic knowledge of agile design process, experience developing software in an agile environment is highly preferred

• A bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or related field is required.

• Commitment to operational excellence: building low-defect systems that are user-friendly with low operational burden;

Contact Amazon recruiting team, please send your CV to ls7@amazon.com


We have positions opened for Operation Technology related positions at this point, solving very large scale real-life problems, ranging from how to better manage inventory, to enhancing our fulfillment of customers purchases, to providing the best delivery experience, to effectively answer and solving problems customers face.

Inventory Planning & Control Do you enjoy solving complex problems via the means of data analysis, math, statistics and automation? Do leveraging information retrieval, high performance computing and machine learning excite you? Are you thrilled by the thought of pushing technology to do things you never thought possible? In the world of E-Commerce business, have you ever wondered how B-to-C companies distribute millions of their products to different locations in order to maximize product availability to their customers while keeping the minimal inventory levels? Amazon Inventory Planning and Control (IPC) teams are seeking people like you. Amazon Inventory Planning & Control (IPC) team is responsible for building the software systems that Amazon uses worldwide to determine how much inventory is needed at each location in our network, over time, in order to maximize product availability with minimal inventory levels while not exceeding the capacity constraints.

IPC Removal is responsible for managing Amazon’s inventory health by helping Amazon efficiently remove its unhealthy inventory stock and in turn optimizing the usage of limited Fulfillment Center’s resources and capacity. The challenge of IPC Removal system is to follow classic economic model to determine what’s healthy or unhealthy for different product categories and what rules can be best applied to determine the best next steps in the entire removal processes; to drive improvements in workflow for executing removals, adding improved visibility and data integrity. The IPC Removal system employs data mining technologies, statistics methodologies and computational algorithms to solve the sophisticated inventory controlling problems.

IPC S&OP system is a predictive system that forecasts the inbound, outbound and transfer flows of each Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, where all Amazon products are stored. S&OP proactively helps Fulfillment Centers to arrange the labor resources efficiently for short and medium term and provides incremental cost functions to Amazon Supply/strategy systems or other upstream systems to lift the resource constrains. The vision of IPC S&OP is to automatically generate FC level plans without human intervention, effectively communicate constraints to dependency systems and accurately provide the forecast to the different kinds of labor flows in the FCs. The computation intensity and frequency are technical challenges that IPC S&OP is faced with. The use of technologies about high performance computing and high fault tolerance and high reliability ensures we have a scalable system that performs well.

IPC Capacity Planning system provides fulfillment network solutions that enable business growth (Amazon Retail and FBA) in a manner that provides great customer experience, minimizes fixed and variable cost, and respects constraints on capital expenditure. Through the mathematical and economic data models, system makes the decisions whether or not expand the capacity footprint, when we need to do, where to place the additional capacity and how to best utilize those resource. Capacity planning also provides the capacity constrains to upstream systems from the cost-sensitive perspective. The automation of process and accurate capacity predications are the technical goals of system at the world wide parity. System scalability and economic cost model are also technical challenges of Capacity planning.

Inside IPC, you will have the insight into how to innovate software development by using advanced technologies such as cloud computing platform and integrating mathematical and economic models to solve large scale resource allocation and long term capacity management problems. You will work with operational research scientists, analysts and business owners to design and implement software solutions that will optimize how we run our supply chain business. You’ll also be amazed at how mathematics modeling, statistics principles and software design disciplines can work hand-in-hand in Amazon’s business context. If you are a fan of Open Source software, you’ll also enjoy building your system with your favorite tools here in Amazon.

External Fulfillment Platform – Dropship, 3PL, Flexible Capacity Do you enjoy solving very complex problems with simplest solutions? Are you excited building large scale distributed systems? Do you enjoy leveraging technology to solve real world problems? Would you like to help us move forward scaling with the cloud and leveraging latest mobile technologies? Come join the External Fulfillment Platform (EFP) team, work with smart people and make major contribution to enhancing our fulfillment experience to world-wide customers.

The External Fulfillment Platform (EFP) team owns systems that control the flow of work to our external fulfillment partners and provides tools for partners to manage their inventory, customer orders, and shipments in North America (NA), Europe (EU) and Asia (FE). This is a high-impact space packed with challenging problems involving very complex systems and smart people - our systems handle the fulfillment of all customer orders that are fulfilled through Drop Ship and third party logistics partners. We have the largest number of fulfillment nodes within Amazon family of fulfillment channels, with thousands of external fulfillment nodes and growing, while enabling unique selections that Amazon does not carry yet, as well as support load balancing supplies to demands.

You will be building large distributed systems that are reliable, maintainable and scalable. You will get your hands dirty designing full stack of software. You will be be optimizing performance through tuning database, simplifying workflow management, and enhancing user experience through Web UI and Mobile UI. Your software will have fault detection and toleration, automatic system recovery, as well as scaling on the cloud. You will implement these while you innovate for Amazon customers providing flexible fulfillment capacity. You will be a major contributor to providing better customer experience to our customers world-wide, including but not limited to NA, EU and FE.

Customer Service Applications – Automation and Intelligence Do you enjoy building a platform that is being used by users in many countries in multiple languages? Do you want to be part of a truly global team that spans across multiple continents? Do you want to work on a system that enables Amazon to realize its vision of being the most customer centric company? Amazon Customer Service Technology team is looking for people like you. Amazon is serving our world-wide customers with an intelligent customer service system built by our engineers. The primary challenge for us is to provide better customer experience with less human effort. With our total order volume growing in a fast rate, we are using automation & intelligence to avoid having to increase the number of customer service associates at the same rate. Our success is measured by our ability to reduce contact, improve efficiency of customer service associates as well as enhance customer experience by reducing human errors and unnecessary delay.

You will be working with extraordinary people on a business critical system used by thousands of customer service associates around the world serving more than one hundred million of customers. You will be applying technics of artificial intelligence to save the company from heavy capital investment on human resource as well as physical resources such as office space and etc. You will have the chance to innovate with super large data set. You will be improving performance on a large distributed system that serves more than a billion page views per year. You will help us moving our legacy systems onto the Amazon’s industry leading Cloud Computing infrastructure to realize our vision of next generation systems. You will have huge impact to our growth as we provide the best customer experience to our world-wide customers. Come join us and let’s make history together!

Transportation / Carrier Operation Management Platform Are you passionate about building high quality, large scalable world class distributed systems solving real world problems? Do you dream about applying latest mobile technology to enhance delivery experience? Do you get excited about solving challenging problems? Are you interested in working with talents serving world-wide customers? Amazon Global Transportation Development Team, a vital part of our success, is looking for you.

Our business world-wide is expanding rapidly. We are working on solutions to serve our customers in North America (NA), Europe (EU) and Asia (FE). We are innovating in last mile delivery, with a rapidly expanding business in China, EU and NA. We need to serve tens of thousands of packages daily, through our network of fulfillment nodes, hundreds of different carriers in hundreds of countries and thousands of cities. We are applying mobile geo-aware applications to support real-time interaction with our customers, expanding into new problem spaces (e.g. delivering fresh food).

You will be innovating with latest mobile geo-aware technologies. Your systems will be scaling with the cloud. You will be building large scale distributed systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), while interacting with key systems within Amazon, including ordering, fulfillment and customer service systems. Your software will improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing our last mile delivery service, serving thousands of delivery associates. You will be working with smart people supporting transportation operation serving tens of millions of customers, sellers and carriers. You will be a major contributor to Amazon’s effort to provide the best delivery experience to our customers.

Contact Amazon recruiting team, please send your CV to ls7@amazon.com