9.5 wait change 9.6 Teacher in dream talk for me about my brother and my sister. In my wake up, I remenber before I design the webplan Than want design my store there was some error no choice just give up. CODE 9.7 Because this is what happened in this room. So it's bound(跳跃) to end up in this room. Kill the ripe(熟的) inevitable(不可避免的). 9.8 airplane 9.9 some book 9.10 Teather's day What do you think the game. Like a spiral(螺旋).Can't go a way for there. Before now , I think it. Than about friend's disturb(干扰) Invisible things,I thoose follow the intuition, write the experience yesterday. It's GEN, It's not a game. If say something she can help me thing. It is. But I still use a game , for delete it, I always want to confirms something ,It is still. 9.11 Today is the nine one one. I love my family,and I always want go out my family. I don't want to do everything. Like the movie fake god,too much noice. I'm ok.Jobs clear his room,so I also want to do. Look like. Do something for the cow.What I want . I don't know. For re. Not choose the internet. What's my sam. What do I want to do . Just learn.learn by learn.It's the second. Not have courage(勇气) 9.12 Change and choose, not have another thing