In recent months, I followed the plan of Turing Reading in WeChat Group. I participated in Algorithm 4th edition for studying the key knowledge of algorithm.

In fact, it is hard to insist to read a book which is out of examination. We often purchased for a lot of books and put them in the corner. This is a good plan for us to read because we become a team. We can share our experience and we are not alone any more.

Algorithm is the basic knowledge for us when we need to further discussion of computer science. It is dull and awful during the period of study and also is so abstract that we can hard to understand. However, the author of the book, Algorithm 4th., give us a clear view about the world of algorithm.

I read this book and gradually realized the importance of algorithm. While I am translating the nature article Master the game of Go without human knowledge, I admitted that the complex algorithm is not a mysterious work. After we divide these algorithm into several pieces, it is still based on the knowledge which mentioned in this book. The spanning tree and MCST are the core of AlphaGo.

It is an effective method to use this way to read books and I manage to apply in the reading process of Introduction to Algorithm, which is one of unread books in my long waiting list. I hope I can accomplish this task.