Today I tried four famous mobile keyboards in the Android version. Attributed to the importance to first imprssion, their keyboard orientation is my target. Hope the first time writing in English won't be bad.


1.License Accepted

2.1-2-3 dropping interaction, softly.

3.Get better Prediction (I guess is better than Cloud).

4.Click Not now or sign in with Google,will come to Finish page (Add Languags/Themes/Finish).Any time you press back from settings(Languages/Themes), it will come to finish Page, press again and you will leave from APP.

5.Click Finish, will leave from APP.


1.License Accepted

2.Briefly introduce four ways to type via Swype.

3.four steps to install Swype(I guess it is a little bit complex)

4.The magnifying interaction looks cool.

5.Choose Language from orientation is in a white background, friendly.

6.log in via Email(not just Google mail), you can choose Skip or Register.

7.Welcome to Swype! (I guess it is quite comfortable with these colors) Press back to leave from APP.

ai.type Keyboard

1.Three steps, just like SwiftKey, and also select keyboard.

2.Click Finish, see the colorful interaction, end it with settings and home page.

3.Click Learn more, we will see the tutorial page, by sliding from left to right, can see the picture tutorial. Finally we can see the Help Videos and Later button. Press Later, back to the Finish and **Learn More **page. When the video ends, will see home page.

GO Keyboard

1.Go Keyboard works for a simple way due to their 2 steps, actually only 1 step, that is choosing GO keyboard as default.Then after you choose, will leave from APP. The license accepted is at the bottom in a invisible way, people won't recognize if he is not careful enough.

2.But after you enter any APP to type, the orientation will come again, firstly come to Setting language. When you press OK, you can type now.

3.Can go to home page to do the settings, of course including FAQ.


Every nice Keyboard has its own oirentation for the fresh, but the four above to a great extent are quite similar except GO Keyboard. GO Keyboard begins with a simple way but user may get confused to use due to their lack of tutorial. As for SwiftKey and ai.type, they are similiar, not only because the steps, but also the interaction. For Swype, it is quite long or may annoying for the fresh, but user can easily find the way because it is so simple that the only thing you can do is to keep clicking every one-choice button. Needless to give too many steps in the begining, but user should quickly find the right answer when they need.I will choose Swype as my favorite Keyboard orientation.